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Oil on glass frame
18 x 23 cm


Meet my latest piece, 'A Love Letter To Tuscany'.

I've always dreamed of visiting Tuscany. The rolling hills, golden light, and scent of blooming flowers—honestly, it’s a painter's paradise.

Though I haven't been there yet, I feel a deep connection to its beauty and charm. This painting is my way of imagining that perfect day ☀️

I picture myself wandering through vineyards, capturing the vibrant greens and deep purples of the grapes. A friendly local offers me a glass of homemade wine. We sit under an ancient olive tree, talking about life and art - UGH 🫣🧚🏻‍♀️🥹😍🍇

This artwork is my tribute to the beauty of Tuscany and my dream of experiencing it one day.

A Love Letter To Tuscany

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