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How do I schedule my appointment?

Call us at: +31 61 6832398 - CHRYSTALLA, or you may make your reservation online:
All appointments require a 30% deposit to book.

When should I book the appointment?

To book an appointment, you should contact us by your 25th week. The best time to cast is when you're 32 weeks or older.

Are the materials used toxic?

No, only medical-grade plaster gauze is used.

Does it hurt?

Does it hurt when you are having a massage?

Can I wear a bra?

You can go without a bra if you want an all-natural look, or you can wear one if you need a little lift and support.

Where are you located?

We are based in Amsterdam and we can travel to your location, to cast in the comfort of your home

Travel expenses to your location outside of Amsterdam, are completely covered by the client.

Can you do it live in events?

Yes! Belly casting at baby showers is fun for guests to see!

How long does it take to finish the cast?

It takes a couple of weeks as the cast needs to be fully dry, before I can begin working on it.


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Q & A

When I receive the bellycast, will it be ready to hang?

Absolutely, your belly cast will have a ribbon installed!

What design can I choose?

The design can be anything that comes to mind. You say it, and we follow through.

How about Shipping?

If you live in Amsterdam,  shipping costs are FREE as I deliver it straight to your door. 

Otherwise, shipping costs are covered entirely by the client.

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