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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you ship worldwide?

Unfortunately not yet, but we'll get there! All shipping for orders over €800 are covered by the studio. Fine art prints are sent through UPS and original works are expertly packaged and delivered by our trusted friends at Pack & Send couriers. 


How about the Shipping times?

Fine art print orders typically undergo processing within a span of 14 business days. hile Originals necessitate 2 to 4 weeks for meticulous preparation before shipment.

While our goal is to dispatch orders promptly, occasional delays might occur, especially if the artwork experiences unexpected high demand. Our dedicated and industrious small team is committed to expediting the shipping process to ensure your artwork reaches you at the earliest opportunity.

Upon dispatch, an automated email will be sent to the provided checkout email address. This email will contain tracking information, enabling you to receive timely updates as your order progresses through the shipping process.

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